CF110501 Clutch Kit, Performance


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Clutch Kit
I Series
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Recommended Use:
Organic Disc
Product Fit:
Direct Fit
Alignment Tool Included:
With Alignment Tool
Flywheel Included:
Without Flywheel
Release Bearing Included:
Without Release Bearing
Disc Diameter:
9 1/4 in. Disc Dia.


Worn out clutch? No need to panic, just bolt in a new Centerforce I clutch kit to get your vehicle back on the road and experience a superior performing clutch. Expect a lighter clutch effort than your previous clutch, a big help when driving in high traffic urban areas or in high performance vehicles with extremely heavy clutch effort. For lightly modified or stock engines, the Centerforce I Clutch is simply the finest clutch on the market. For the ultimate clutch/flywheel factory replacements, install it together with a Centerforce Flywheel. Back in 1982, Centerforce revolutionized the clutch industry with fresh thinking that led to Centerforce’s patented centrifugal weight system which forms the foundation of all Centerforce clutch designs. After installing a Centerforce Performance Clutch you can expect much smoother and quicker clutch-engagement than stock clutches and a longer-lasting clutch experience. Loved by manual-transmission drivers everywhere, Centerforce offers a variety of clutches catering to all driving requirements.

  • Great replacements for factory original clutches
  • Engineered and manufactured in U.S.A.
  • Provides about 30% more holding capacity even with noticeably lighter than stock clutch pedal effort
  • Best clutch for vehicles with lightly modified or stock engines
  • Designed precisely and specifically for each vehicle
  • Engagement is super smooth
  • Unique patented centrifugal weight system
  • Comes with clutch disc and pressure plate
  • Bolt-in direct fit installation
  • Made for a wide selection of import and domestic trucks, SUVs and cars


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